Mugs are the perfect gifts that you can give to people whether you are gifting for a major event or celebration. They also work well as thoughtful gifts for simple farewell or welcome parties. Mugs can also be great gifts for yourself if you are a tea or coffee drinker. What is good about mugs is that they can be customized or personalized to incorporate designs that will make them look more unique and special.


One useful app that you can use to design your mug would be's app. This app is great for designing mugs online and it is very easy to use. If you are interested in it, here are simple instructions on how you can utilize the app for designing your mugs online.


In the "Edit Product" tab...

This is the tab where you can customize the mug itself. You can select what kind of mug you want as well as its base color.


Step 1: Select the [mug] product that you wish to design. offers several mug products that you can choose from. They have the typical coffee mugs, custom glass mugs, custom neon mug, custom color changing mug, custom coffee travel mug, 15 oz. white mug, as well as 15 and 11 oz. color changing mugs.


Step 2: Choose from a wide array of colors for your mug.

There are about 35 colors to choose from in's app. From vivid colors like red, royal blue, and purple to pastel hues like light pink, sky blue, and azalea, has them all. Select your favorite color and move on to the next step.


In the "Add Image" tab...

In this tab, you can take customizing a notch further as allows you to upload an image that you can add as design on your mug.


Step 1: Add an image.

When adding an image, allows you to either view a clip art on their extensive art catalog, upload an image, or draw your own pattern.

- If you select "Add Art" on this tab, you will be directed to a clip art catalog and you can select from hundreds of clip arts for your design.

- If you choose "Upload Image", the app will allow you to upload your own image and if you create an account on the app, you will even be able to view your uploaded images by clicking the "My Image" button.

- If you select "Hand Painting", will allow you to draw your own pattern. In this section, you will be able to choose the brush size that you need to paint your design, the color of the paints that you want to use, as well as use eraser to erase mistakes.

You can also add QRcode by selecting this option.


In the "Add Text" tab, the app will allow you to type some text so you can put in your favorite quotations, messages, or one liners.


In the "Save/Load" tab, the app allows you to load the design that you previously worked on or save your existing design for later.


In the "Name & No." tab, you will be able to...


Step 1: Do other customizations.

In this tab, you will be able to add name as well as number. You can select which side these information goes on, what height, color, as well as font.


Step 2: Enter/Upload a list.

If you are looking to create in bulk, you can do so by entering the names and numbers that you desire or simply upload a list if you have any.


In the "Quote/Buy" tab, you can have your design printed via sublimation printing. In this tab, your individual cost and total cost will be displayed.


Once you are satisfied with everything, you can "Add to Cart" and wait for your custom design mug to arrive. It is that easy. So, get those creative juices flowing and design your own mug on