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Experience Magic with Custom Heat Changing Mugs

Mugs have been the go-to gifts of many people and this is perfectly understandable. Mugs are functional as well as they are display worthy. However, since the idea of giving mugs is becoming a little too overused, some people steer clear from these ever-functional gifts. That should not be the case though as mugs, when chosen correctly, could still be unique and remarkable. Take for instance a custom color changing mug.


Brief  Background of Color Changing Mug

Color changing mugs are both magical and scientific. If you have already seen one, you will know how magical and fantastical these mugs look like when they change colors or even reveal pictures when heated. This can elicit some delight to anyone who witnesses this color changing instance. However, this seemingly magical instance can be scientifically explained. A color changing coffee mug is made using materials that change color or hue when heated. This is also the reason why some people call these mugs as heat changing mugs, heat sensitive coffee mug, and heat activated coffee mug to name a few. Basically, the change of temperature can alter the design of the mug.


Personalized Color Changing Mug

Personalized color changing mugs or custom heat sensitive mugs can be better gifts compared to usual mugs due to the following:


  • Color changing mugs are unique.

As mentioned before, these mugs are unique. They are even interactive as the act of pouring hot water in the mug can make them change colors or reveal pictures. This does not only elicit delight, but also surprise especially if the user does not know that their mug is the heat changing kind.


  • Color changing mugs can be personalized or customized.

Although there are color changing coffee cups that can be bought from stores or are mass produced, it is a relief to know that there are certain places offline and online that does personalization or customization thus allowing you to make your own heat sensitive mug.


  • Custom heat changing mugs allow you to explore many different options.

Since you can personalize color changing coffee mugs, you can go as creative as you possibly can. You can stick to the plain color changing option or you can add some text that will reveal when the temperature changes. You can also include a photo or image to make for a better surprise. This way, temperature changing mugs can be used for wedding proposals or for other events that may require some surprising.


Heat sensitive custom mugs are some of those pleasant, if not magical, gifts that you can give away to almost anyone who knows how to drink. Get a cup that changes color with temperature and see the difference! Design one today!

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